Tjetak is digitizing the
manufacturing sector in Indonesia.

We are introducing technology to the manufacturing ecosystem in Indonesia to create a better experience for the end customers. From upstream (raw material), midstream (manufacturer), to downstream (distribution). Packaging is our starting point.

Why Manufacturing?

Manufacturing is one of the most important sectors in Indonesia.
This sector contributes to more than 20% of Indonesia’s GDP. It employs over a fifth of Indonesia’s working age population (over 25 million workers). Globally, Indonesia has become the top 10 largest manufacturing country in the world.

Yet, the manufacturing sector in Indonesia has still been left untouched by technology.


Majority of manufacturers in Indonesia are small sized companies.

They are run by dedicated owners producing great products from raw materials to finished goods. But, there’s plenty of novel problems in this manufacturing sector.

  • There’s no standardized costing and every cost is customized based on the requirements.
  • No visibility on the manufacturing process and lead times.
  • Lack of quality standardization and control across different manufacturers.

These problems represent a huge untapped potential for these manufacturers to become more efficient with the help of technology.