Employee ID Card's for Bridgestone

Smart ID Card for Employee

We develop smart RFID Card for employee’s absence and door access automatic system at PT Bridgestone Indonesia.

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Company Profile

Company Profile

Bridgestone is a worldwide leader in tire manufacturer. Bridgestone enter Indonesia in early 1970’s, focusing on bus and truck tire with only 1 small plant in karawang. As time goes by, PT BSIN keep growing and become the leader tire manufacturer in Indonesia. Today, PT Bridgestone Tire Indonesia has 3 plant (Karawang, Bekasi 1 and Bekasi 2), with the 7 variety of products and suitable for car, motorcycle, truck, bus and over 4000 employee.

Problem Statement

  • PT BSIN has 3 plants and 1 Head Office and 4000 employee that support the production of their tire.
  • Not all of the employee are allowed to enter the plant.
  • They want all of the employee have an ID Card that can used to absence and door access system.

Choose the type of ID Card

Designing the ID Card

Photo Process


Tjetak Corporate provide a corporate pricing and terms of payment. PT BSIN get the corporate pricing, so they get the lower price from the market. Also they used the terms of payment so they settled the invoice 30 days after invoice sent.

Product Result